I remember the day as if it were yesterday, literally! The day that I made a decision that would change the trajectory of my life.

Looking out the window of my brand-spanking-new top-floor apartment with the cute French doors and wraparound balcony overlooking the beautiful hillside, I declared: “This is the LAST year I am going to be single!”

I was 30-something…LOL…and thought by then I would have been in a committed and loving relationship. I was beginning to have THOSE thoughts about having children and my biological clock was starting to tick,tick,tick…

In that moment, I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to be single anymore. I wasn’t going to celebrate another holiday alone!

Now understand, some single ladies enjoy spending the holidays fancy free; I AM NOT one of them!! I’ve always enjoyed the thought of being with someone special, someone whom I adore and would spend my holidays and go to parties with. I love the idea of being a couple holding hands with my Prince Charming – always have and likely always will!

In this moment by the window, I vividly remember asking myself….


Why indeed…What was blocking me?  I came to find out that the “block” was simple: I NEVER MADE A TRUE DECISION!

I hadn’t truly decided what I wanted in a relationship. And real love…? I was raised in a Christian home and the idea was that you simply…wait on God. Well, I’d BEEN waiting and nothing was happening!

After some time devoted to deep self-study and personal development, I uncovered the truth at last: It was ME! It was up to ME to make a move and decide what I wanted in my life…my love life. THAT’s what brought me to the decision and declaration at the window. I spoke verbally – out into the world – on what I wanted.

When you make a DECISION, God and universal principles begin to work on your behalf to bring you what you truly desire.

And you know what? By the following year I DID have a man in my life. Not JUST a man but a man I was engaged to, the love of my life and the king of our home!

Now I understand the IMPORTANCE of making a life decision. The importance of declaring what you truly want and desire out of life and FOR your life. Never compromising what is in your heart!

I’ve always wanted my Prince Charming, and here he was. Admittedly, he came in a different package from what I thought (but that’s another article!). Nevertheless, God knew what my heart needed and what I truly desired.

This is such an important thing to know about making a decision and holding onto your hopes. So many times we hold ourselves back, avoid drawing that line in the sand, because we have pictured one thing in our mind – and we’re afraid that it might not happen. So, we end up not making a decision at all, and never open up the possibility of it ever becoming a reality.

What if it turned out to be something different than you had pictured…but something BETTER than you had ever imagined?  And you’ve been around long enough to know that it’s not going to be perfect all the time, right? But I’m here to tell you, that the imperfection is OK, because  when your dream comes true you are ready for whatever may come. Because you are in the right place. You are living the life you desire. You are loved.


Attention Single Ladies: NEVER give up on your hopes and dreams! Your king is out there seeking you. The question is, are you available to receive him? Have you made a firm, no-matter-what DECISION on what you truly desire in your life, partner or spouse? If not,  make a decision today. It’s time, Woman!

What do you do to prepare yourself? I got you here….

  • Take the time and space to get clear on WHAT YOU WANT.
  • Write down on paper your heart’s desire. List out the CHARACTER AND QUALITIES that you want in a partner.
  • Settle in your mind what you truly desire, then make the decision to CALL HIM INTO your life.
  • PREPARE, physically and literally prepare, to receive him by making the time and space to date, creating space for him in your home, and space in you to receive and be with another individual.

When you make that no-matter-what decision, that commitment to what you desire in your life, you begin to BE that person living that situation. And God has a way of moving you along that path to the reality you truly desire and deserve.

I’m here to help! I’m no different from you. And with all my being, heart and soul, I BELIEVE that any single woman, if she so desires, can meet and marry the love of her life!

Without a doubt, I believe this!

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