“I’ve been happily married for 12 years. And I also have to say that I still have things to learn. There are still ways to up level my marriage. Lucky for me I know this amazing woman, Danyelle Gibson-Grant and she has recently taught me some amazing lessons that have really shifted my perspective for how I can go even deep in my relationship with my husband. I am committed to keeping myself surrounded by wise women and Danyelle is absolutely one of them.”

– Crystal

The Biggest Asset to a Woman’s Growing Career is Having an Amazing Supportive Love in Her Life

“Danyelle is a great coach; she’s helped ground me and guide me through irrational fears. She’s logical and always encouraging.”

– Kathy

“I feel beautiful. I feel like I have come to know a part of myself that I left closed up in a box because I was expecting someone else to notice it for me.
You have gone to parts of me where I am soft, tender, bewildered, like walking about in a lush green field wandering about and wondering at the beauty and goodness that surrounds me – as if all of a sudden. Yet, it has always been there 54 and just beginning to notice beauty …wow!
Well, time for me to be beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
You have SAVED me. You have SAVED my life.
You have OPENED MY EYES to see what was always there.
Thank you so much, Danyelle Gibson-Grant.”

– Kemi

“The most important career choice you’ll make is who you marry.” -Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg ($1.1 billion estimated net worth)

Danyelle Gibson Grant

“What I enjoyed most about working with Danyelle and her coaching process was her positivity, drawing from personal experience, easy to talk with, coaching skills, homework, her personality and passion for coaching. Thank you so much Danyelle, appreciate what you do and how you do it, looking forward to working with you in the future.”

– Emily

Contrary to the notion that only unmarried women can make it to the top, the majority of the most successful female business leaders have partners. Of the twenty-eight women who have served as CEOs of fortune 500 companies, twenty-six were married, one was divorced, and only one had never married.

“I absolutely ADORE Danyelle! I never thought it would be possible to find someone who could create a sacred space that allows me to be 100% all of me. Danyelle has the unique ability to get to the heart of what matters most. With her support I finally feel safe enough to explore and talk about some deeper thoughts and beliefs that I know are holding me back. There has never been a time where I felt any sense of judgement. This is HUGELY important to me because some of these thoughts and beliefs have secretly plagued me my entire life. Danyelle’s loving support is like none other. She hears you when you speak. She remembers what you say. She supports you when your inner strength falters. She guides you to greater clarity. She really cares. I am profoundly grateful for Danyelle! “

– Keenah

Forty years ago, only 5% of single women were over 30, now the percentage of women who have never married is closer to 20% as of 2012 and it is estimated to keep growing. It is obvious that priorities have changed since the 1970s.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Danyelle

  1. I’ve spent over 20 years in Human Resources Recruiting function
  2. I’m a born Introvert
  3. I LOVE PARIS, France
  4. I’m learning French… Oui!
  5. I’m a Certified Behavioral DISC Professional…. high C/S right here!
  6. I’m a Professional Speaker
  7. I’m a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author
  8. I’m happily married to my best-friend for over 10 Years & in Relationship for nearly 20 years
  9. I have two loveable four-legged children No human kiddies
  10. Besides my husband, Champagne is my best friend

Be As Successful in Love as You are in Business