➔ Am I getting too old to find Mr. Right?

➔ Does he even exist?

➔ Am I being Realistic in my desires for a husband?

➔ Will I need to settle?!

➔ Can I truly have a loving, healthy marriage if my husband is a corporate executive like me?

➔ Am I turning into an old-maid? Despite my outward success?

➔ Why am I not good enough for someone to marry me?



You long for a marriage, and desire a loving relationship. You have so many requirements in a husband, and you wonder if you are realistic in those expectations. However, you see couples all around you, so you are determined in your search for the one. You want a family, and children of your own with your partner. You desire to find a man who is proud of your accomplishment, and is not fearful of the strong woman that you are, someone to celebrate your successes. You definitely do not want the drama of “getting out there”, as you feel like you are too mature for silly games or settling.

Do not worry, I have been there!

I understand your pain, I was once in the same place.


With all of these questions, fears and uncertainties buzzing around in your brain, you are ready to get serious about attracting the one.

However, you are still unsure of how exactly to go about it. You are fearful that you are too demanding, independent or even successful, and that these things may scare off a potential mate.

Hi, I’m Danyelle Gibson-Grant of Gibson Grant Coaching. I am a Love and Relationship Coach and I know EXACTLY what you are going through because I went through it!  

Spending weekend after weekend alone.  Desiring so much to be with my king, I man that I could be with for the rest of my life!

Questioning if I was "too much" for a man because that's what previous men had told me!

Would I ever met a man who wasn't afraid of my ambition for success.  Would I met a man who wasn't scared off my my desire for the good life? I questioned myself many times if I would have to compromise what I wanted in my king?  Would he be ok and love all off me, just as I am?  Or would I have to 'dummy down' my confidence and the accomplishments I've achieved in my life?  Would I have to settle in order to be married, especially now that I'm another year older?  

I've dealt with all the emotions!  Sometime crying myself to sleep because it appeared on the outside that what I desired in my heart may not come to pass. 

I completely understand!

Here's what I know....You can and should be the full essence of you!  That's your magnetic allure that will attract the right man into your life!  You do not need to compromise beautiful queen!  Not for one minute! And I'm going to show you how to obtain what you truly desire in a mate! 

I desire is to work with women and empower them so they can obtain the love they truly desire.

What I know....All things are possible! 


● Is independent

● Has high expectations

● Earns six figures or more in her career or business

● Fears she may be too much for a man, or won’t meet the definition of a traditional wife

● Has been so focused on her career or business and hasn’t had the free time to think about dating


   ● Desire to get married

   ● Want a committed life partner

This is what you have been searching for:

This Program is for Women Who:

● A plan for success to get married

● A plan to meet quality men

● Mindset work/positive belief systems

● A list of the qualities she wants in a man

To Achieve That They Need:

I. Six month small group coaching program

II.  Like- minded group of Women

III. Three Live Events:

○ Including 5 Day Paris Love Retreat (June 2019)

○ Welcome VIP Day at start of program ( February 2019)

○ Wrap-Up Close Event (July 2019)

The Program Includes:



$1,667 per month for six months 

Includes six months of private coaching plus two in person events.

$4,998 Deposit

The Marriage Manifestation Program  Includes:

● A Private luxurious Welcome VIP Day 

● Then a luxury small group live event in Paris, France.  Where better to prepare yourself to meet "the one" than in THE most romantic city on earth!! 

● Six months of private coaching.  Which entails two 90 minute calls per month.

● Month 1 & 2:  Will cover your personal beliefs around men and relationships.  

We tackle truth vs. myths when it comes to men and love.

● Months 3:  We work on the "internal" woman. Who is she truly?  Not whom the external world see's and believes you are, but rather who is the woman you truly want to be.

● Month 4: Is all about addressing head on the truth vs. societal myths about our bodies and how we define beauty.  This month you tap into your unique essence and power of allure! 

● Month 5 & 6: We put it all together!!  It's now about ACTION! 

By this time you now have a specific plan for more confident dates with the good male prospect. Using the power of your unique allure to attract the type of man you desire for a healthy relationship.  Truly getting to know the men you're dating and now making empowered decisions if he's marriage worthy.  

You are very clear on what you want and are confident you will obtain it. 

Moving Forward:

● Prepares women for marriage and wife stage of life.

● Does not guarantee marriage in six months but provides the tools and resources for the woman who seriously desires marriage.

● Is deep intensive work for the serious minded woman only.

● This program is NOT for the women who is only looking for a good time in the dating game.

● This program is NOT for the women who is not willing to invest in herself to see her heart desire come to pass. 

● This program is NOT for negative thinkers... that is women who "believe" there are no good men out there.  Or, believe that she'll never meet the right one.